Northern Ireland

Experience a mixture of sweeping scenic views and modern urban life in Northern Ireland. Visit the world-famous Giant’s Causeway or check out the nightlife and culture of Belfast.


Larne is found on the north-east coast of Northern Ireland, and it has served as a seaport town for over a thousand years.  It is a picturesque location, notable for its many parks and attractive scenery.

Northern Ireland’s capital city of Belfast is just a short drive away, meaning you can enjoy the urban life as well as the country’s rolling countryside. Explore Glenarm Castle , just a few miles from Larne, to discover a part of Ireland’s history and catch the Highland Games in July.

Fans of the popular series Game of Thrones will be interested in checking out some of the scenery around Larne and Antrim, as it was extensively used for location shooting on the show. The harbour town of Ballycastle was used to represent the Free City and Dark Hedges Road, near Ballymoney, was used for the Kingsroad where Arya ran from Joffrey’s soldiers. If you can’t get enough of Westeros, you won’t want to miss some of these key locations.

Larne is thought to be one of Ireland’s earliest inhabited areas.

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Northern Ireland’s capital city, Belfast is a bustling hub of activity. Situated just inland of the country, Belfast will probably be the first place you set foot on. From there, you can experience a mixture of packed-out, authentic Irish pubs, modern art and naval history.

Visit the John Hewitt Bar and Restaurant for a traditional atmosphere and an expertly cooked meal with just a dash of poetry. Those looking for a drink in the capital should head to White’s Tavern. Built in 1630, this is Belfast’s oldest pub, with live music regularly playing on the weekends.

Belfast is also full of historical intrigue to get your teeth stuck into. Visit the Ulster Museum to see artifacts from not only the city’s ancient naval history, but the region’s recent troubled past as well. Belfast also has a history of ancient artifacts being shipped there from afar, with the mummy of Princess Takabuti, the first mummy to be displayed outside Egypt, found in the centre of the museum.  

The infamous RMS Titanic was built in Belfast.

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Northern Ireland’s north coast plays host to a geographical and historical wonderland. Home to the world-famous Giant’s Causeway, the county is is a paradise for anyone interested in geography, or if you just love stunning views. The Causeway itself is one of nature’s most miraculous sights, with 750,000 visitors per year flocking to see the hexagonal rock formation.

Set foot into Antrim Town and you’ll find relics of Northern Irish history everywhere you go. Visit Antrim Castle Grounds to see the remains of one of Ireland’s most well-known structures and check out the Round Tower, an ancient 10th century landmark.

Antrim is a county that offers a true experience of the lush Irish countryside. Explore some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in Ireland, including an adventure playground which tests your nerves with extreme rock-climbing on the cliffs of Fair Head. Surfing fans will also want to check out Antrim, as it provides the country’s best spots for the perfect waves.

Linen is one of Antrim's most important industries.

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