Camping In Europe - The Camping Card International

When camping in Europe, you can apply for the Camping Card International, which is essentially a type of passport for those camping on the Continent and many other overseas destinations.

Proof of identity

The Camping Card International, also known as the CCI or CARNET, carries multiple benefits, but one of the most important is its status as proof of identity. For a campsite owner, it actually holds the same value as a passport. Many campsites on the Continent require you to leave your passport as a form of collateral, which a lot of people find uncomfortable. You can leave the CCI as an alternative, and it is actually compulsory in some Scandinavian countries.

Discounts with the CCI

The CCI acts as a discount card in over 1,000 campsites in Europe, and it can be provide as much as 25% off in either off-peak or on-peak seasons.

Third Party Liability

Another key benefit of the CCI is Third Party Liability insurance. The Alliance Internationale de Tourisme, or AIT, has put this in place for CCI holders, and it covers legal liability for any damage and/or personal injury caused to third parties by the CCI holder, their husband/wife or any of the associated group (up to 11 people, all of whom must be travelling in the same private vehicle). It is valid for the duration of a camping trip, and during stays in rented accommodation or hotels. However, it is not recognised in America or Canada.

The amount covered is stated as 2.5 million Swiss Francs, which is a little over £1.9 million. The CCI holder alone also gets up to 100,000 Swiss Francs (around £77,000) cover for the risk of legal liability for bodily harm or injury caused by the individual insured, in connection with windsurfing and/or when using a non-motorised boat that is shorter than 5 metres in length.

There is an excess for damage caused during a stay in rented accommodation or a hotel, which is 100 Swiss Francs (£76) per incident.


The CCI is not accepted or recognised anywhere in America or Canada and districts under their jurisdiction, but apart from these places the CCI insurance is valid throughout the world up to and including 31st December of that year. Some campsites in Sweden do require a Swedish camping card alternative.

There is a small fee for the CCI, and there are some exclusions for the insurance, so for more information and details please visit