Shopping With P&O Ferries

When travelling with P&O, passengers are offered an impressive and varied shopping experience, which includes items for sale at prices equivalent to duty-free.

Keeping prices low

The EU formally removed duty-free from ships and airports in June 1999, but you can still get prices that beat the high street. P&O has onboard shops that are tax-paid, which means you still get to make savings on a range of items, and some prices can actually show an improvement on the duty-free equivalent.

What’s for sale?

You can shop for a wide selection of goods and items, including beer, wines and spirits, as well as fragrances and cosmetics. There is a cosmopolitan selection of confectionary, and children’s toys at competitive prices. Passengers can also browse through books for sale, along with games and travel entertainment. Other products include tobacco, fashion accessories and electronics.

Big savings

Compared to UK prices, P&O offers savings of up to 30% on alcohol including beer and spirits, whilst shoppers can get savings of as much as 40% on fragrances, cosmetics and skincare products. P&O also arranges seasonal promotions, so there are other different offers available throughout the year.

P&O Ships

Every P&O ship operating each different route offers onboard shopping, which includes the low duty-paid prices that rival the UK high street. Some prices, as well as the number of shops and products on offer, may differ between ships and routes, but savings are promoted by P&O throughout the whole fleet.