The Benefits Of European Breakdown Cover

What is European breakdown cover?

Taking your own vehicle abroad gives you freedom to explore another country at your leisure, and it often works out cheaper than flights and buses, taxis or a hire car. It gives you the option of travelling to see the sights and sounds when you want to, and leaves you totally in charge of your trip abroad. The only problem is the chance of a breakdown…

In the UK, if you don’t have any cover in place, it can be very expensive to call a local garage and get roadside assistance, recovery and repair. This is why many people choose to compare breakdown cover so that they can find a good deal at a good price which will give them valuable peace of mind.  However, basic breakdown cover in the UK doesn't extend to European countries. So if you get a flat battery driving in the middle of nowhere, or your fan belt decides that today’s the day to give up, then you’re stuck and you will need emergency breakdown assistance from the nearest local garage.

To make things worse, emergency roadside recovery in Europe will probably prove more costly than in the UK, because parts may need to be ordered in or you may need transportation back to the UK with your car. The best option, if you are going abroad in Europe, is to get European breakdown cover.

What does European breakdown cover offer?

There are different levels of European breakdown cover to suit different needs. To start with, you can choose between single and multi-trip, so this will depend on your reasons for travel. If it’s business then multi-trip will suit you, because the cover is in place each time you journey abroad. Those taking a short holiday or weekend break would be looking for single trip cover, as the travel is not ongoing.

The actual benefits contained within the cover can also vary, but any type of comprehensive single trip should include 24/7 access to an incident manager who will be able to organise roadside assistance and repair as part of the service, as well as transport back to the UK if repair is not possible. The cost of accommodation, in the event of a vehicle breakdown, is also often included, and there are multiple other benefits available from certain UK breakdown specialists, such as alternative transport and legal protection.

Always check the policy details to ensure that you have everything you want in the cover. Remember the things that you think will be important to you on your trip, so if you think emergency accommodation would be essential in the event of a breakdown then make sure you get cover that includes this benefit.

Don’t forget to check that the country you are visiting is included as well! Not all European destinations are automatically part of a provider’s European breakdown cover policy.

How do I get European breakdown cover?

If you already have breakdown cover then you can contact your current provider to upgrade, or you can go online and compare European breakdown cover, which is the quickest and most efficient way of checking out different policies and assessing the benefits.