Top 10 most important travel items

Travelling to somewhere new is always fun and exciting, however when it comes to packing it can be difficult to remember everything you need. Even the bare essentials can slip your mind. 

Here is our top 10 most important items we recommend packing, before heading on your travels. 


Pack plenty of suncream, with at least SPF 50, to make sure you and your family are protected while exploring some great attractions in Europe.

If you visit somewhere with limited shade, keep applying suncream once every hour. 


When you travel to Europe, it is vital that you take a valid passport with you. P&O Ferries recommend having your documentations ready to be checked, before boarding the ferry. 

If you’re travelling with your children and they’re under 16 years old, they must be presented on your passport. If they’re over 16, they are entitled to a 10-year adult passport which must be accompanied with a recent photograph. 


Double check you have all the tickets you need to travel and any pre-booked attraction reference numbers. 

At the P&O Ferries dock, make sure all boarding passes are somewhere where you can easily find them if they need to checked. 

If you have lots of tickets, keep them safe in a plastic wallet and in your hand luggage.


We recommend you keep all your credit cards and money with you at all times. If a safe is supplied at your accommodation, take what you need and leave the rest securely locked away. 

It can be frustrating bringing back the currency you didn’t spend, especially if it isn’t worth enough to exchange it back to sterling. On P&O Ferries, browse through some of the items available at the on-board shops, such as discounted fragrances and alcohol, and spend your final Euros to help make your pocket feel lighter. 

Mobile phone

Roaming charges can be costly while you’re abroad, but having your mobile phone with you means you can get in contact with people back home or if you have an emergency. 

One contact in your phonebook should be put under ICE (in case of an emergency).

Plug adapter

Your UK appliances will not fit into an EU plug socket. Having a plug adapter will avoid the shock of not being able to straighten your hair or charge your mobile phone. 

Adapters are sold in most electrical shops at reasonable prices. 


It’s vital that you have your medication and prescription documents with you when you travel. If you need a prescription while you’re away, you can take your medical documents to an EU pharmacy. 


We understand that travelling to Europe can be boring, so take plenty of entertainment with you to pass the time. P&O Ferries offers a selection of magazines and books on-board, so you’re not short on reading material. 

Phrase book

Have a go at learning the language of the country you are visiting. If need to ask someone something, a phrase book can guide you through what you want to say. You never know, you might surprise yourself! 


It would be disappointing to travel to a different country and not have anything to show for it. Take your camera and capture some of your best moments from your holiday.