P&O Ferries launch new app

P&O Ferries has launched a new smartphone app for use across their fleet of passenger ships on the English Channel, North Sea and Irish Sea.

Available to download on both iOS and Android, the app will enable passengers to manage every aspect of their trip from beginning to end. 

Tickets can be conveniently stored and bought in the app so it’s now easier than ever to book your next exciting adventure. 

Its seamless integration with the Google Maps app gives you clear, easy-to-follow directions to the port and you can even purchase competitively priced travel insurance, travel money and breakdown cover for the next leg of your trip.

Under the Your Ship section of app you’ll find detailed deck plans which will allow you to navigate even the largest multi-level ships with ease alongside a complete list of all of the eating, drinking, shopping and entertainment options on offer.

You’ll also be notified the minute any special discounts become available on any of the ship’s duty free goods. 

“The customer experience on board a P&O Ferries ship today recalls the unforgettable style of the famous P&O liners of the past,” said Sarah Rosier, P&O Ferries head of Sales and Marketing. 
“The big difference is that, with our new app, you're the captain.”

Source: Cruise and Ferry