P&O Ferries take part in third OceanWatch survey

P&O Ferries has once again joined up with whale and dolphin conservation charity ORCA for their third annual OceanWatch survey.

Taking place from Saturday 28th July to Sunday 5th August 2018, the event will involve the entire crews of the European Highland and European Causeways ships.

Everyone from the Captain down will be keeping an eye out for and recording any sightings of the surprisingly huge variety of marine life found in the Irish Sea.

Although ORCA are mainly interested in different types of whales, dolphins and porpoises, crew members are also encouraged to note down any seals, sharks and large fish they spot.

The exercise is part of the Seawatch Foundation’s National Whale and Dolphin Watch which aims to collect vital data on the population levels, range and distribution of the region's wildlife.

An ORCA wildlife officer will also be travelling onboard specific sailings which will enable guests to get involved with the effort.

“P&O Ferries are wonderful supporters of ORCA OceanWatch and this year promises to be the best year with a Wildlife Officer onboard,” said ORCA’s Education Coordinator Anna Bunney.

“The Irish Sea is a crucial marine environment and so we are delighted to be able to do even more this year to protect it and its wildlife.”

Source: NI Ferry