Top tips for a smooth sailing with P&O Ferries

Going on holiday should be a lovely, fun experience so we’ve compiled together a list of a few small things you can do to ensure your P&O Ferry crossing is as pleasant as possible. 

Remember your travel documents

You’ll need to show a valid passport and your booking reference number before you’re able to experience all that P&O Ferries has to offer, so it’s essential you remember to bring them! 

Everyone you’re travelling with will need to show a passport, including children and any pets. It’s better to be safe than sorry when abroad so take your European health card and any travel insurance documents along too. 

Pack a bag of essentials to take onto the ferry 

Passengers who drive onto the ferry won’t be able to return to their vehicles during the crossing so it’s a good idea to pack the essentials, like chargers, children’s toys, your smartphone and any medication, in a separate bag to save you the stress of rooting through all of your luggage when you board.

If you do forget something important it’s not the end of the world as you’ll find plenty of shops onboard selling everything you need for an enjoyable sailing. 

Get your pet used to travelling

Pets are very welcome to travel onboard P&O Ferries but must remain in the car at all times. If they’re not used to travelling in a car be sure to take them out a couple of times beforehand to get them comfortable with it. 

Putting their bed and any bedding in the car will help them feel more relaxed along with plenty of toys so they can keep themselves entertained. Letting them run around and burn off some energy in the terminal’s dedicated pet areas beforehand will help prevent them from getting restless. 

Arrange any onward transport before you sail

Avoid spending your whole ferry crossing worrying about how you’re going to complete the next stage of your journey by pre-arranging the transport to your final destination. 

The easiest way is to book a spot on one of the coaches that regularly depart from the ferry terminal through the P&O website when you book your ticket. Getting the train is also a great alternative as it saves you spending money on a rental car and having to drive through a potentially very busy, unfamiliar city. 

Take full advantage of all of the facilities

Start your holiday off right by enjoying the huge variety of fantastic entertainment options on-board P&O Ferries. Relax with a cup of coffee and soak in the gorgeous views, shop our excellent range of premium duty-free products like fragrances, cosmetics and spirits or catch the latest blockbuster in the on-board cinema. 

Satisfy any hunger pangs with anything from a quick snack to a delicious sit down meal and we’ve got plenty to keep the little ones from getting bored. There’s a video arcade, dedicated play areas and, during the summer, our Junior Krew Kids Club where 5 to 11 year olds can do arts and crafts, puzzles and games.